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  • Deposit Authorization

    I hereby authorize iDrive On Demand (COMPANY) and its authorized representatives, to acquire the vehicle as specified by me on the "Name Your Car" form, other written form, or any specific vehicle I otherwise authorize COMPANY to acquire, with the following conditions:

    1. COMPANY will not acquire vehicle on CUSTOMER’s behalf without first discussing the specific vehicle with CUSTOMER.

    2. CUSTOMER may cancel order with COMPANY at any time for any reason, prior to vehicle being acquired on CUSTOMERS behalf, and receive a complete refund of deposit. Cancellation notice must be signed by CUSTOMER, faxed to 904-594-3010 or emailed to, and received prior to vehicle acquisition on CUSTOMER’s behalf.

    3. Once vehicle is acquired on CUSTOMER’s behalf, this deposit will not be refunded unless vehicle is found by CUSTOMER and confirmed by COMPANY to have any of the following... (Paragraph 3 only applies to vehicles 5 years old or newer (current calendar year is year 1) with less than 70,000 miles. All other vehicles are strictly AS IS)

    • Frame or Structural Damage*

    • Branded Title (Salvage, Total Loss, Rebuilt, Manufacturer Buyback, etc...)

    • Any single Mechanical Flaw, not covered under warranty, in excess of $800*

    4. COMPANY will charge a Dealer Fee of $595 to subsidize the cost of processing documents, registration and title transfer, temporary tag, collecting and remitting sales tax, postage fees, etc...

    5. It is understood vehicle could incur up to $300 in reconditioning and detailing expenses. CUSTOMER will not necessarily be charged $300. This is simply an allowance and CUSTOMER will only be charged what is actually spent. If vehicle does require reconditioning and or detailing, COMPANY will arrange for service(s) to be performed at CUSTOMER's expense. This fee of up to $300 is in addition to the vehicle price estimated by DEALER and/or approved by CUSTOMER. Note - Almost every vehicle at traditional dealerships have already undergone similar service(s).

    6. It is assumed that vehicle will come with 1 key unless otherwise stated. It is assumed that floor mats, owner’s manuals, head sets, and other accessories could be missing from vehicle. If CUSTOMER is concerned with the number of keys and the presence of other accessories, CUSTOMER should ask COMPANY in writing prior to authorizing COMPANY to acquire vehicle.

    7. Unless otherwise specified in writing by CUSTOMER, COMPANY may, as a courtesy, arrange for transport of vehicle. CUSTOMER is solely responsible for the cost of transport of vehicle. COMPANY disclaims and CUSTOMER specifically release COMPANY from any and all liability, delay, damage, injury, problem, or claim made by anyone or any entity that arises from the transport of vehicle.

    8. This "Deposit Authorization" contract applies only to vehicles which are acquired by COMPANY specifically for CUSTOMER making the deposit, and acquired after CUSTOMER has made deposit. Any vehicle that is purchased/acquired by COMPANY prior to CUSTOMER inquiring about vehicle and or making the deposit, is not covered under these terms.

    9. Venue: Any litigation that may arise relating to this deposit and the potential subsequent vehicle transaction shall be filed and decided in Duval County, Florida.

    10. Attorney Fees: If a dispute arises regarding this deposit and the potential subsequent vehicle transaction resulting in litigation, the losing party shall pay the prevailing party all costs of litigation (which includes pre-suit mediation) including reasonable attorney's fees.

    11. Tax, Tag and Dealer Fee: Every purchase is subject to sales tax, tag and registration fees in the jurisdiction which the vehicle will be registered. Every purchase is subject to a $595 Dealer Fee. Every price discussed, bid suggested, approved bid etc... is before tax, tag and $595 Dealer Fee are added to customer's total price.

    * If CUSTOMER makes a claim based on vehicle having frame/structural damage or any single mechanical flaw in excess of $800, said claim must be submitted to and received by COMPANY within 72 hours of receipt of vehicle, and within 100 miles of odometer reading listed on Bill of Sale. Claim must be submitted via fax (904-594-3010) or email ( Claim must be on the letterhead of ASE certified service center, or respective franchise service center. Claim must include VIN and mileage of vehicle. COMPANY reserves the right to a second opinion from an equally qualified mechanic. Systems covered are limited to Engine, Transmission, and SRS (airbags). If claim is found to be valid, COMPANY reserves the right to either fix said issue or refund deposit, at COMPANY’s option.

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