These are the questions we’re asked most often about our Purchase On Demand (POD) Program. If you don’t see the answer
you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

How can I know I’ll receive what I’m promised?
iDrive On Demand is a fully licensed dealership and regulated by the state of Florida. The state would revoke our dealer’s license and prosecute us if we did not perform our obligations or stole from our customers.

Do the auctions sell wrecked or salvage cars?
Yes they do, but those aren’t the cars we’re bidding on. iDrive On Demand provides a CarFax vehicle history report prior to bidding and every car must pass a thorough post-sale inspection (PSI) before it ever leaves the auction. Almost every used car you see at your local dealerships came from the exact same auctions that we buy from.

Can I see a CarFax report prior to purchase?
Absolutely. Upon request, iDrive On Demand provides its customers with a free CarFax vehicle history report prior to any purchase.

What if I don’t live anywhere near an iDrive corporate hub?
We can and do service customers anywhere in the U.S or Canada. iDrive On Demand has streamlined the entire process from the paperwork to shipping your vehicle and everything in between. Depending on your exact location, we can often purchase your new vehicle in your region or city for speedier, cost saving shipping rates.

How much are transport/shipping costs?
Shipping is surprisingly affordable, but that depends on where the car is purchased and where it is going. For example we regularly ship vehicles from southern California to Florida for as little as $700 and from Dallas, Texas to Florida for as little as $300.

What if I have a trade in?
iDrive On Demand is a full service dealership and we gladly accept trade-ins. We have methods in place to put a firm value on your trade in before we even see it.

Does the factory warranty apply to cars bought at auction?
Yes it does. If the factory warranty has not expired, it transfers automatically. Before we bid, we let you know the factory warranty expiration date.

Does iDrive On Demand sell Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles?
Yes we do. We can certify almost any vehicle we sell and allow you to have the repairs done at the respective franchise service center.

Does iDrive On Demand offer extended warranties?
Yes we do. We are partnered with the best extended warranty company in the industry. We can usually offer longer and more comprehensive coverage than “certified pre-owned” vehicles purchased from franchise dealerships.

Can I arrange my own financing or can iDrive On Demand do it for me?
You can arrange your own or we will be happy to assist you. iDrive On Demand is partnered with MTC Federal Credit Union to offer superb rates and unmatched customer service. Ultimately it’s your choice either way and has no bearing on your purchase.