Why Buy From iDrive?

At iDrive On Demand, you are in control of the buying process. Name your car and name your price. We will find exactly what you want as opposed to pressuring you to buy what's "on the lot."

With iDrive On Demand, you gain access to dealer-only wholesale auctions. You bypass the retail dealership and buy on demand wholesale. The economics are simple, Less Overhead = Less Mark-Up. Our Purchase On Demand model is much more efficient than carrying a large inventory, therefore we can beat anybody's price.
Huge Selection

iDrive On Demand can source all makes and all models from every major wholesale outlet across the country. On any given week, 15,000+ cars are sold nationwide within our network. These are the same auctions where retail dealers source their inventory. Our sources include BMW Financial, Ford Credit, Land Rover Credit, Lexus Financial, Chase Bank, US Bank and many more.   
Quality Control
Prior to bidding we provide a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report. We also review a detailed condition report from a professional inspector. We are extremely selective and we only bid on the best of the best pre-owned vehicles. Upon delivery, we allow our clients to have their vehicle inspected. Any remaining factory warranty transfers automatically and we have extended warranties that provide better coverage than a  "Certified Pre-Owned" warranty.   

Nobody wants to waste their time car shopping. With our on demand buying program, simply name your car and your price from the comfort of your home. Then we show you what is available and pricing info. You decide what you want to bid on. You do not physically go anywhere until your custom ordered vehicle has arrived for your inspection.  
Smart consumers have an advisor for all major purchases (realtor’s, financial advisors, etc…). Why should car shopping be any different? iDrive On Demand's purchasing team has over 19 years and $40 million of wholesale buying and selling
experience . They work directly with the customer, advising them on all aspects of the buying process. With no pressure to sell you what's "on the lot" they give unbiased advice to ensure you make the right purchase.   
Nationwide Coverage
iDrive On Demand buys and sells cars from coast to coast. We have client's and auctions in almost every state. We have a presence at every major auction across the country. We also have the fastest and cheapest sources for shipping your vehicle, which we arrange for our clients.
Fair Trade In Value
iDrive On Demand is a fully licensed dealership and we do accept trade ins. We buy AND sell at wholesale. When you compare our bottom line price to other dealers, the savings are obvious.